Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Purification of transformer oil allows to increase the life cycle of oil and the reliability of operation of transformers. The period of reliable operation of the insulating materials of the internal systems of power transformers largely determines the term of their uninterrupted and trouble-free operation. And a significant role is played by transformer oil.


The widest is known to use liquid insulation and solid insulation (paper, wood, i.e. cellulose products). Insulating transformer oil provides about 80% of the electrical strength of systems. They become a good insulating medium when insulating papers, cardboard cloths become saturated with them and increase the breakdown voltage of the materials by which the windings are insulated. Viscosity coefficient characterizes the ability of oils to cool the internal parts.


The prevention of oxidation of transformer oil allows engines to operate under the influence of high temperatures and protects the insulation system from serious damage, as it has been scientifically proven that most transformer failures occur due to damage to the insulation system.


Cellulose materials are the weakest circuits in the overall insulation system of transformers. Contamination of the internal insulation environment with various impurities, such as water, dissolved gases, mechanical particles, etc., causes shrinkage of the insulation, leading to the destruction of varnishes and cellulose materials. Cellulose insulation is a conductor of discharges and currents, and also easily absorbs moisture, which leads to overheating.

One of the main catalysts that come to the rapid deterioration of transformer oil, and with them the insulation system and the overall performance of power transformers, is water. Its entry into the internal systems in varying quantities is inevitable. As a result of exposure to moisture, along with other pollutants, transformer oil is aging, contributes to the appearance of various oxidation products, sludge, sludge, enters into various reactions with the plating metals.


The cost of regeneration of used transformer oil is always considered in relation to the high cost of purchasing new resources and possible losses from production downtime. Is it worth mentioning that due to clear advantages for savings and a fast payback period, system owners always benefit from complete recovery of fluids.


We are talking about Transformer Oil Filtration Machine type –°MM-P brand GlobeCore. The principle of their work is based on passing contaminated oil through a sorbent, which has a microporous structure. The so-called “molecular filtration” occurs, as a result of which harmful impurities and aging products of the oil are retained in the granules of the sorbent. A special feature of the SMM-R units is the ability to work in the mode of sorbent reactivation, which provides for the cleaning of micropores and the removal of substances accumulated in them into a special collection and a carbon filter. Thus, the problem of sorbent utilization is solved for a period from 1.5 to 2 years (about 300 possible reactivations).

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